Patient Testimonials
Marlene's situation is like that of many of our patients who find themselves uninsured and underemployed.  She supports two children on her modest salary as a cafeteria worker for the county school system.  Her income barely covers her basic living expenses, and she postponed seeing a doctor for years, in spite of suffering from asthma and high blood pressure.
When she became a patient at CCC, her doctors found her blood pressure to be dangerously high.  Without immediate medical intervention, she risked a stroke or heart attack and disability or death.  Without medication for her asthma, she had no way to handle a severe asthma attack, which can be fatal.
Since becoming a patient in 2003, Marlene's blood pressure has responded to medication, and she has the medicine she needs to control her asthma.  Marlene tells everyone that her children would not have a mother today if it were not for the doctors at Community Care Center.
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