Patient Testimonials

Tim has diabetes, five children and no health insurance.  Until a few years ago, he had always had health insurance through work.  However, the dairy farm where he was employed decided to close, so Tim moved to North Carolina and began working for his brother's tree service.  But this left him without insurance since he was now self-employed. 

After looking into the cost of health insurance, Tim found that, as a diabetic, the monthly cost of his coverage alone would be twice that of his mortgage.  He was able to afford coverage for the rest of the family but not himself.  He knew that as a diabetic he must have access to regular healthcare.  Then he heard about the Community Care Center. 

Now, Tim visits regularly with doctors who can help him manage his diabetes.  In addition, he is enrolled in programs to help him obtain his medications for free.  He is thankful that the doctors at the Community Care Center have helped him maintain good health and thus far avoid the major complications associated with diabetes.

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