Patient Testimonials

"I love, and am thankful for, CCC.  I believe I am alive today because of it.  I had a blood clot a few years ago.  I would have never gone to the doctor because I had no money or insurance.  But I came to CCC, and they discovered the clot before it moved or dislodged.  They have helped me through many other health problems with lab tests and ultrasounds.  Hopefully one day I will be financially stable so I can return the favor by volunteering or donating.  But in the meantime I spread the word about and praises of the Community Care Center."
"This facility is a godsend for me because I have no insurance – I can't afford it.  I do try to work, but my bills and hospital bills got so high that even the doctors' offices and Prime Care would not help me.  I cried with gratitude the first time I was accepted at CCC.  I felt ashamed that I could not pay my way.  And I am also a white female.  I feel sometimes like I'm also in a minority."

Helping Tim Manage Diabetes
Marlene's High Blood Pressure
Mary from El Salvador
Treating Paula's Pituitary Tumor
Cipro Therapy for Lilliana


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