Meeting the Needs Value of Services Delivered Number of Office Visits

The value of medicines and services provided clinic patients in 2011 was $10,457,348.  In addition, our Med-Aid program provided medications to non-clinic patients which was valued at $4.59 million.

Cost per Medical Visit at the clinic in 2011

Total Expenses ($1,222,440) divided by No. of Visits (19,170) = $63.77 (Av. Cost per visit*)

            *The average patient also receives, at no charge, medicines at each visit valued at $316.55      

              (Average Wholesale Price)

*The above average cost per visit includes medicines, lab tests, x-rays/ultrasounds, physical therapy, and all other services.  It does not the value of medication provided patients through our Med-Aid office.

According to the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics, our Return on Investment was 11.66 to 1 in 2011 ($11.66 returned for every $1 invested) for CCC.  Also according to the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics, the average return on investment for North Carolina Free Clinics in 2011 was 6.54 to 1.

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