How the Community Meets the Needs Volunteers Businesses, Foundations and Organizations Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Ann Flynt, Chair
William M. Satterwhite, MD, Vice President
Ernesto de la Torre, MD, Vice President
James T. Robinson, Secretary
Kim Jones, Treasurer

Ward B. Miller                                 Dudley C. Chandler, DDS        

David L. Mount, Psy.D.                 Michael Clements                        

Julia Floyd                                       Sylvia I. Oberle

Carl S. Phipps, MD                        Robert V. Ford, Jr.                         

Anthony Brett                                   Hampden "Bo" Kenan                   

Anne Slowey                                  Kathy Kennedy   

Michelle Martinez                           Donna Reynolds

R. Ted Toborg, MD                        Felipe Villalon     




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